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Happy Easter, wait, Summer, WHAT! CHRISTMAS AGAIN!

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Greetings fellow readers, to another blog… and did anyone happen to catch 2022’s licence plate, as that went by way to fast!

Its been a funny old year, the encouraging signs of growth, and normality restored to most places, my Daughter started high School…(out of spite to make me feel old I think) , Ant & Dec back in Australia  Womens Euros, World Cups… everything seems to be happening all at once it seems, and now we head towards Christmas…which means only one thing…. Those Elves will be back on my shelves again..(or the cupboards, windows, ceilings, toilets, Xmas tree and the million other places they seem to love to go each night.)

Anyone fortunate enough to NOT have the Elf on a Shelf tradition in their home, I envy you…well, ok… maybe not, I may complain about coming up with a plan with the Elves on what they will get upto each night (and quite often wake up at 1am with the sheer terror of knowing I didn’t ..ahem…’Assist’ their movements), BUT, in this fast moving world, I do enjoy the fact that although my Children (born or borrowed) still enjoy Elfscapades… the magic is still there for them, and I’ll take that all the live long day.

And now, I’ll take my leave, pausing just to wish you, your family & loved ones, ….and even the elves… a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, a peaceful Holiday season, and here's to a hopefully, bright, and wonderful New Year… see you in 2023.

Lee, and the elves!!

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