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What's your dream car?

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For over 100 years now, 1 of the most popular form of transport has evolved into quite amazing pieces of engineering capable of delivering fun and thrills as well as being practical. For this blog I shall focus on the fun and thrills part only and the old cliché of ‘It’s not about getting from A to B but how you get there’

Often when we remotely connect to Customers, many will have a dream car as their PC background image, so I know you are out there fellow petrolheads.

There are some classics strong contenders out there. Some brands such as Ferrari have a whole range of cars as contenders.

There are also some local differences. Cars between Europe and the US for example can vary widely though lately Muscle cars have found their way into Europe thanks mainly to Ford and their famous Mustang.

Let’s also be clear. There are no price restrictions as we make our choice. We are dreaming here

Do you like the new ones or the older type of cars. 2018 Bugatti Chiron Vs 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO?

Perhaps you prefer the timeless elegant lines of cars such as a Citroen DS or 2CV or a historic car such as Lancia 037, the 2WD car that beat the Audi Quattro.

Maybe it’s a blend of all those qualities. Engineered like no other, successful, timeless elegance.

For all those reasons mine is the McLaren F1. Oh, just to see one…

Write to us. Let us know your chosen one and why it’s your choice

Jean Marie

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