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A Spanish Galleon

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Reading the local English paper, they had a picture of a replica Spanish Galleon that would be moored in Malaga harbour. So, Sunday morning with fine weather off we go down the old mountain road to Malaga.

Warm and sunny in Malaga we manage to park in the harbour close to where the boat was tied up.

The boat is 10 years old, 162 feet in length, 33ft wide and weighs nearly 600 tons, carries 10km of rope and rigging and would carry 20 cannons.

It is based on a design for a galleon named Galeon San Pelayo which was part of a fleet that left Cadiz in 1565 bound for Florida to claim it for Spain.  Some of the Spanish Naval archives are so good they know everything about the voyage – men, supplies, equipment even cutlery!

Since launching it has sailed the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. Visited the Caribbean, China, through the Suez Canal. A total of 35,000 nautical miles and 50 ports.

Richard Nolan

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    El Torcal is a national park about 45km north of Malaga.

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    Hello again everyone, it’s time for another blog from your Support Manager...

    As some of you may know, my Birthday came and went in September, and due to a friend within my Trooping group (Team SWG) creating a prop for my armour on a 3D printer, that’s what I decided to get as my Birthday treat.


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