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Gordon the gecko!

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After reading Richards various animal related Blogs it reminded me of Gordon the gecko!

Gordon as we named him, had decided to take up residence in our spare bedroom last spring.  We only noticed the odd glimpse of tail disappearing behind the wardrobe or wall mounted mirror.  He was not bothering us and seemed to be keeping the fly and moth numbers in the house to a minimum.  But, we decided although we didn’t mind him being there.  We really could not expect our guests to share the room with him!

We tried various ways to tempt him out, but to no effect. 

We did eventually manage to scoop him up with a hand broom and dustpan then into a shoebox.  We released him unharmed in the plants around the patio. 

Now, if we see a similar sized gecko around this area.  We hope that is our little Gordon.

Linda Beckett

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    FESA (Foundry Equipment Supplies Association)

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    The Foundry Equipment and Supplies Association is the trade organization set up nearly one hundred years ago to promote the very best in foundry equipment, technology, knowledge and materials. At the time that the UK was the leading foundry nation in the world FESA has worked with the best foundries to ensure that they remain at the forefront of technology. FESA members are now providing this service to the global cast metals industry.

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    The Heat Treatment Log has been designed for Companies carrying out internal Heat Treatment. It enables the ability to track the heat treatment of castings to a pre-defined oven and heat treatment type. Individual characteristics of each heat treatment cycle will be stored such as start time, end time, cooling method etc. Castings will be linked to the cycle from the unique casting number register part number and cast metal heat or works order number.


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