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A timeline of a pandemic

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It was Dec 2019 when I first heard about a possible pandemic, but of course nobody was really worried about that…

In Feb 2020, I was in the US and Canada when the rumors started growing and people started discussing some possible restrictions…

However, March changed everything!

My trip started in Tennessee where, after seeing a customer I was supposed to run a marathon in Nashville, the event got cancelled 2 days before though…

I then flew to Central Texas for a 5 days visit in another customer, things happened so fast that I struggled to realize how intense that moment was…

I arrived in Texas on a Sunday, the next day everything was normal until 4pm when the broadcast started informing everyone about the number of hospitalizations and how fast they were growing.

That same day I was not able to find water in any grocery store, some people were fighting over toilet paper and hand sanitizers were totally gone!

Tuesday morning the hotel shut down the breakfast area as well the swimming pool and the Gym… I went to a bakery across the road and they gave me a bag inside a bag inside a bag! I was told this was to avoid human contact… When I got to the customer, my key user was off due to a terrible fever… We decided to cancel the visit and everything turned into a back home mission.

The hotel had a sign recommending people to stay in the rooms unless they didn`t have any other option… After 2 hours on the phone, I was finally able to find a flight in 2 days back to Brazil… Over the following 2 days restaurants shut down, grocery stores were packed and people started acting crazy!

Back in Brazil I had to spend another 2 weeks isolating in a hotel room before going back home… I can still remember all the feelings I had, it is for sure something I will tell my grandchildren!

2021 has brought a little bit of normal back, long may it continue!


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