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Now December is a busy month and sometimes gift buying gets left until the last minute. I have gathered together some last-minute gifts that should be easy to get your hands on even if it is Christmas EVE!

·         Books

The independent bookstores in your own town are wonderful resources for last-minute gifts for everyone, from kids to grown-ups — and lots of them gift-wrap for you!


·         Printable Gifts

There are so many independent artists who do amazing work and are kind enough to share it with the rest of us — all in the form of printable downloads. Some of them are even free, which…wow. Their creations make lovely holiday gifts, and we love supporting them during this season.


·         Food

Nothing says “happy holidays” like something straight from your own kitchen.


·         Gift Basket

It’s easy to put together, and will save you a ton from those gift basket companies if you’re able to deliver it in person as a sweet last-minute gift.


·         Experience Gifts

There’s something wonderful about a present that’s not so much about getting yet another thing — it’s more about creating memories.


·         Photos/Videos

Family photos are incredibly special to receive as gifts, especially for family we haven’t seen nearly enough this year.




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  • Tooling Module

    WEBINAR - Tooling Module (Concluded)

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    "Are you finding it increasingly difficult to control your tools/patterns?

    If so take the time to attend these free webinars"

    Tooling within the software refers to patterns, mold boxes, fixtures, calibration instruments, as well as tooling dies. A huge benefit of having metalcasting specific software is that it knows what a tool truly is and how it is used in the operations.

  •  Foundation For Future Modules

    On Demand Demo - #1 Foundation For Future Modules

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    This is the first in a multitude of specific quick mini on-demand overview demonstrations on the functionality of the software modules.

    This demonstration is designed to be a primer on what it is all about and sets the foundation for future modules.


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Demonstrations are a taster, an overview, a guide.
A valuable start in assessing your own requirements

They are valuable and free

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