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Shane's Blog - September 2016

September 2016

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Howdy once again from Texas where it’s blazing hot, so hot they are melting iron in the parking lot and the local pancake house is cooking eggs on the hoods of cars! What the heck, one wouldn’t expect anything else in Texas this time of the year other than lack of rain and excessive heat. Myself, I’ll take the heat over the cold anytime as we have chilled air in Texas!

SYNCHRO ERP’s global implementation manager was recently flying from Seattle to Newark and I tracked the flight using the wonders of the Wild West Web. Sometimes we just need to sit back and reflect on all the wonders of what the internet has brought to us. Not that long ago, if one wanted a flight status; the only option was to call the airline. Today, with all of the interconnectivity of the “dots” everything is seemingly in real time.

At my fingertips I had the power to surf various websites for information on his flight and knew exactly down to the street name 35,000 below where he was at any given moment.  This is incredible stuff when you really think about it. This “stuff” allows a company to mine data in real time for trends and anomalies to make decisions with.  

I knew exactly where Simon was sitting at and that he had been upgraded to first class.

And that he would be served breakfast!

As the flight was airborne, lots of bits and bytes were flying through the air as well.

Financial information on the airline and what the revenue for the flight was available as well.

Somewhere in all those “dots”, Simon was sitting in 2E enjoying an orange juice, Simon does not do coffee, the horror!  

What is really incredible is that the flight had just crossed Agate Street in the Minneapolis area and was traversing Military Rd.

Now, what is truly amazing, mind boggling really, is that for any of those “dots” out there, the data exists in real time in support of the flight.  Those are thousands of airplanes in the air with hundreds of thousands of people flying around!

Now, think about your metalcasting operations and the data that can “drive” your business.  As SYNCHRO ERP has entered into the Saas Market, Software as a Service or “The Cloud” you will have access to all of your information from anywhere in the world regardless of which “dot” you are flying around on…

Be sure to contact any of our sales or support team members for information on our cloud offering or visit and click on the Saas Licensing.

Until next time, see you on down the road and above all, be safe out there!

Shane Allen

Head of SYNCHRO ERP North American Operations

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