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Industry 4.0

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56th International Foundry Conference

Held in Slovenia it highlighted the impact of:-

‘’Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution –will alter and shape our work, social and physical environment along with how we live and co-exist’’

The fourth industrial revolution is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud computing.

Dr-Ing Christian Wilhelm – The managing director of BDG (the German Foundry Association) said: -

“Industry 4.0 cross links production processes and is already being used in many modern foundries. The issues of frontloading and copy protection are only two of the many aspects of the maximum co-operation between foundrymen and the design departments which is absolutely necessary for maintaining a competitive edge. We must Improve, Improve, Improve – it is a never ending story’’

Discussing the process of digitisation Dr-Ing  Andreas Buhrig-Polaczek of Aachen University commented ‘’ For foundry processes, a high number of relevant data has to be taken into account – the measurement of technical data in an industrial environment is especially often not satisfactory. The idea of industry 4.0 is a step forward so a model gives you a forecast – predictive analysis. We need a constant process and constant parameters – all data has to interact.’’

 A vision of the diecasting plant of tomorrow was given by Dr-Ing Kai Kerber of OskarFrench Gmbh & co ‘’Some technology is 40 years old he said so industry 4.0 has to be practical for existing equipment to enable old machines to work like new ones. We must let the IT environment get into engineering – the IT world has solutions that can help us.

For the full Conference report, you can subscribe to FTJ (Foundry Trade Journal here)

As the Global Leading Cast Metal Software Provider, SYNCHRO ERP IS the solution

For forty years, SYNCHRO ERP has been providing growth, innovation, and prosperity to the global metal casting manufacturer’s, SYNCHRO ERP is an Industry Specific Software Solution.

Latest developments include SYNCHRO Saas, SYNCHRO Enterprise SF (Shop Floor) App SYNCHRO Ruby ERP desktop or cloud and CRM (Customer relationship Module)  

Chris Collins CEO of SYNCHRO commented; -

“The cloud enables manufacturing companies to deliver ERP software to customers, while eliminating excess hardware and maintaining control over system integration. As a result, the complexity of providing the highest level of customer service is reduced significantly. Accessibility from any location - rather than being restricted to installations on individual computers, an application can be accessed from anywhere with an internet enabled device”

Be a “Smart Foundry” contact SYNCHRO ERP 

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  • Demonstration De Especificaciones De Metales Y Aleaciones

    Demonstration De Especificaciones De Metales Y Aleaciones

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    Esta demonstración va a demonstrar funcionalidades importantes metalúrgicas en el sistema, en la creación y configuración de las especificaciones de los metales y fórmulas como de carbón equivalente, etc. Este es el primer de una serie de 4 demonstraciones, las próximas son Control de Horno, Trazabilidad de lotes y Certificación.


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