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  • Corporación POK’s experience using unique serial numbers

    A SYNCHRO Client - Corporación POK’s experience using unique serial numbers

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    WEBINAR - SYNCHRO Ruby ERP - New Interface (Concluded)

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    RUBY is a re designed interface only.

    Free to all users.

    A new "Ruby" edition of the software has been released that is "Future Proof"

  • Shane Allen

    Shane's Blog - January/February 2016

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    Shane's 1st Blog of 2016

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  • Editorial Cast Metal Diecasting Times October/November 2015

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    SYNCHRO ERP is the ERP of choice for foundries around the world as a result of building up a solid reputation consistently over many years. Built and supported by foundry technical people, the ERP has many features and solutions designed to specifically answer the needs of modern foundries not least Die Cast Manufacturers.

  • heat treatment of castings

    WEBINAR - Heat Treatment Module (Concluded)

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    The Heat Treatment Log has been designed for Companies carrying out internal Heat Treatment. It enables the ability to track the heat treatment of castings to a pre-defined oven and heat treatment type. Individual characteristics of each heat treatment cycle will be stored such as start time, end time, cooling method etc. Castings will be linked to the cycle from the unique casting number register part number and cast metal heat or works order number.

  • Bite Size - Weld Log Module

    Bite Size - Weld Log Module

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    The Weld Log module enables Companies to track welding carried out on a casting (unique ID/Serial Number), by Job Number or Part Number. This will record the welder name, position of the weld on the casting, type or welding rods used, batch(s) of weld rod, quantity (& Weight) of rods used. A weld map, or multiple maps if tracked by job or part, can also be attached to show visually where each weld occurred. The welder will have access to the welding specifications stored against the part to make sure the weld falls within one of the specifications.

  • Heat Treatment Module

    Bite Size - Heat Treatment Module

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    Heat Treatment is important to many metalcasting operations so that the metallurgical or chemical properties can be altered to the customer or ASTM specifications.

    The heat treatment module is centralized around various tasks and features that make this a complete solution. At the center of the heat treatment modules is the 'Heat Treatment Log". The entire heat treatment module of course is fully integrated with the overall software solution.

  • PTC Forbes India

    SYNCHRO Clients in the News

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    PTC Industries: Casting Magic with Metal

    Investment in new and unique technology for their foundry attracts A - List international clients. PTC is a glowing representative company having embraced the use of SYNCHRO ERP the global leading Specific Cast Metal Software

  • Bite Size - SF App 'Shop Floor'

    Bite Size - SYNCHRO ERP Enterprise App SF 'Shop Floor

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    Specific APP for Cast Metal Industry

    The SYNCHRO ERP SF App 'Shop Floor' has been designed to assist customers in managing bookings and data collection on the shop floor without the need to ensure network coverage. The App will sync with the network whilst in network range and hold relevant job information; the user can then perform a range of functions on iOS or android tablet and when returning to network coverage re-sync the data to the server

  • SYNCHRO ERP - SF APP 'Shop Floor'

    Editorial INCAST SYNCHRO ERP's 40th Anniversary

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    SYNCHRO ERP A Strong Established History

    This is a special year for Synchro ERP the companies 40th anniversary. Focusing on providing software MRP (manufacturing resource planning) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) specifically developed for the cast metal industry.

    We focus on investment, iron and diecasters…each have their own unique requirements.


  • POK


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