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  • Smart Homes & Beyond ..

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    Anyone who knows me even slightly, knows I am at heart, a massive Gadget geek, and I have been since a small boy, the relentless march of technology has seen some wonderful advancements in areas that make our lives easier and I know that the Younger generation take these for granted..(My Neighbours daughter actually asked what a Camera was the other day…we had to explain that they are separate items, not just attached to Mobile phones & iPads.)

  • Academic Week at Instituto Ânima in Joinville, Brazil

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    I was recently invited to give a talk by one of our customers, Instituto Ânima in Brazil. They are part of a large academic faculty that specialises in providing courses for and training our future foundry managers and engineers. Instituto Ânima also have a commercial foundry on the University site which provides a particularly useful function in that their students can visit and learn about a working foundry.

  • Tracking Shells Through Dipping

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    Well done to our very own Simon Adlington on producing this great article for INCAST magazine.

  • Night on the town

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    A while back, I spent the evening in the West End of London. I went into town on the tube and then a short walk to the Piccadilly Theatre to see the evening performance of the Jersey Boys. The musical story based on the life of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

  • Tangiers

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    Whilst I was born in Africa I have never neem to any part of North Africa. I have been through the straits of Gibraltar twice on boats been to east, west and South Africa.

    With a little bit of looking – one thing that the internet is good at – I discovered that I can catch a Ferry from Tarifa in Spain to the old port of Tangiers. The ferry journey is short and the old port is very close to the oldest parts of the city.

  • Lynx Watching – or not

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    I had watched a National Geographic Programme on the Iberian Lynx that live in Spain in one of two national parks. There has been a conservation programme to restore their numbers through a breeding programme and then releasing them into the wild.

  • Nice to see you at CastExpo 2019

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    Team Synchro loved catching up with some of our customers and business connections while at CastExpo ...what a great show we had!

  • CastExpo 2019 - Read our review

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    Hello Atlanta, a former Olympic City

    Synchro ERP had an exceptional show!

  • What’s your favourite animal?

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    You might think it is quite a random question until I tell you I came face to face with a koala.

  • Comares

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    Comares is a small town in the hills north east of Malaga. Known as a Pueblo Blanco it sits c700 meters above sea level with great views of the surrounding area. It has a population of about 1,500.


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