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    Posted on in Past Exhibitions

    Synchro ERP are proud to be attending the METALCASTING CONGRESS 2023

  • Welcome Mikael

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    Hello my name is Mikael and I am very happy to be joining the Synchro team, I thought I would pop on and tell you a little about myself ...

  • That's a wrap!

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    That concludes our 12 blogs of Christmas. We’ve covered a lot over the past twelve days. Here’s a little recap for you in case you missed a post, or just want to visit your favourite again

  • Gift Ideas

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    Now December is a busy month and sometimes gift buying gets left until the last minute. I have gathered together some last-minute gifts that should be easy to get your hands on even if it is Christmas EVE!

  • Christmas around the world

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    Now Christmas looks different depending on where you are in the world. Here are a few different countries celebrate worldwide.

  • Photo tips

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    In the modern world technology is a key part of our day to day. I have pulled together some top tips to get the ideal festive photograph.

  • Christmas food!

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    A massive part of most peoples Christmas is food! The biggest feast of the year however you are then left eating Turkey sandwiches until New Year! I have pulled together a few ideas to help you get through those leftovers with as little waste as possible.

  • Let's talk resolutions

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    With the New Year fast approaching many are thinking about New Years resolutions. I have made a few steps to think about before deciding your New Years resolution and how to help you stick to them.

  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

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    Things You Can Do When It’s Too Cold Out.

    Some days it is simply too cold and the last thing you want to do is leave the house. Here is a list of things to do at home!

  • Giving Back

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    During the festive season I tend to notice more than ever the divide of people who can afford a wonderful happy day and those who simple can’t make ends meet. Now this year has been slightly different with the cost-of-living crisis making everyone feel the pinch so I have pulled together a few ideas/ways you can give back this Christmas.


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