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    Just before Christmas, I spent a weekend in Guildford, Surrey which was very nice.

    I got to do some Christmas shopping and while there we visited Shere, a small village not far from Guildford.

  • IFEX 2020

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    16th International Exhibition On Foundry Technology, Equipment, Supplies & Services.

    February 28 - March 1, 2020

    Hall 5 Stand F-13

  • New Year, New Loans.

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    This morning Team Synchro have been re lending some of our Kiva credit. We have managed to lend to 3 people and complete the amounts they needed, they now have the full loan amount they need and can use it.

  • A Spanish Galleon

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    Reading the local English paper, they had a picture of a replica Spanish Galleon that would be moored in Malaga harbour. So, Sunday morning with fine weather off we go down the old mountain road to Malaga.

  • Every Picture Tells a Story

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    If you’re as old as me you might think the title is a Rod Stewart album first released in the early 1970’s. It is but this is the picture’s story – there are two parts to it!!

  • The 11th hour of the 11th Day

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    I suppose I am showing my age but I can remember watching the ceremony in Whitehall on the BBC from the age of about 8. My grandfather and Uncle both served in the first world war and I have been lucky to meet and speak to people who served in that conflict and the one that followed.

  • Meet Henry

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    Born around 1900, Henry the oldest known crocodile in captivity is 4M long and weights 750 Kgs!

  • Australia you've been amazing!

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    Perth - The last day – almost.

    You can go down the swan river about 20km to Fremantle and then out to a small Island – Rottnest. On the way we were part of an exercise by the Australian SAS who were practising/training how to get close to a moving vessel.

  • ICI St louis 2019

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    The SynchroERP team were kept busy with a mix of existing customers and prospective customers coming to the booth which was well placed as delegates entered the hall from where the technical sessions were held.

  • Congratulations Craig White

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    Congratulations to Craig White on being awarded the AFI Legend award and following in his father’s footsteps.


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