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Quality Assurance Module

  • Quality Assurance Module

Heat /Batch Analysis Target Specification
Batch Traceability C of A and Review of C of A
C of C and Review of C of C Quality Plans in Sales Orders
Quality Plans Results UID Look UP
Selection of Reports  Selection DashBoard Reports

Preparing your certification documents in SYNCHRO is easy, fast and efficient. Linking up your spectrograph to our system we receive electronically the results for each melt your foundry produces. Also linking additional testing equipment, physical properties are also recorded. Together with your target specifications which you would have received from your customers SYNCHRO will take all the associated information and prepare your certification in the form of a Certificate of Conformity or Certificate of Analysis

Traceability of batches is made easy and is visually available, thus helping to speed up the process of validating results whilst you can quickly see which and when parts were made in any particular heat/melt number.

Access your results instantly!

  • Quality Plans

Quality Plans enables your Company to add additional Quality Controls to each specific Sales Orders

A range of tests are added to a default plan together with relationships to Customer or Products. These plans are then added upon Sales Orders Creation. And can be made to be displayed on any documentation thus offering great visibility on your production documentation. Results are then added and these can be made to be incorporated in your Certification reviewed above

  • UID - Unique Identity -  Look Up

For customer using the Serialisation module a lookup facility function is available to quickly identify a particular UID or group of UID's

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