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  • What's your dream car?

    Posted on in BLOG

    For over 100 years now, 1 of the most popular form of transport has evolved into quite amazing pieces of engineering capable of delivering fun and thrills as well as being practical. For this blog I shall focus on the fun and thrills part only and the old cliché of ‘It’s not about getting from A to B but how you get there’

  • Sun, Sea, Sand and Snow!!

    Posted on in BLOG

    When you think of Spain you probably think of Sun Sea and Sand – particularly if you have been on the Southern coast of Spain.

  • Happy New Year to many!

    Posted on in BLOG

    First Blog of 2019!

    We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and we are delighted to say we have received a few loan re payments from our Kiva borrowers over the holidays which has enabled us to start 2019 by re lending to others, Read all about them below ..

  • Christmas Lights In Malaga

    Posted on in BLOG

    I had heard that the Christmas lights in Malaga were good.

  • Christmas traditions and facts

    Posted on in BLOG

    Did you know ...

  • All that glitters

    Posted on in BLOG

    To get me into the spirit of Christmas, I recently went to watch a demonstration of Christmas wreathes and table center piece arrangements

  • The Blade of Kansas..

    Posted on in BLOG

    From the title of this blog entry you might be expecting a story of a superhero, alas no just us mere mortals….

  • It’s a Bûche, not a log!

    Posted on in BLOG

    Special religious festivities whatever the relation always involve the purchase and enjoyment of extra special foods.

  • Congratulations Linda & Tony

    Posted on in NEWS

    We would like to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Linda Beckett who got married on Saturday.

  • An Old Inn

    Posted on in BLOG

    A group of us occasionally try and find a restaurant we have not eaten at before.

    Two years ago whilst visiting a small village ( Alfanate in Southern Spain) that was having its cherry festival – Its major income earning crop – I saw an old Inn.


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