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  • On Demand Demo - Tooling Master Module

    On Demand Demo - #3 Tooling Master Module

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    The tool master is the central repository for all things related to the production of a part through the use of reusable components such as patterns, core boxes, permanent molds, investment casting molds, and such things as trim dies, dead-heads, and rider or adapter plates.

    Tooling is all about the tracking the life of the tooling, inspecting, controlling the movements, cost of the tooling including on-going costs through movement and repairs, revisions, and CAR’s or Problems.

    With the introduction of the maintenance management equipment module several years ago, calibration and other quality instruments are typically now defined within that module.

  • Customer

    On Demand Demo - #2 Customer Master Module

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    The customer master module forms the basis within the software suite of recording information related to your customers so that quotes can be produced, sales orders entered, invoices sent to the correct address and the castings be shipped to the correct address, among other important functions.

  • Demostración del módulo de cliente

    Demostración del módulo de cliente

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    Los clientes son, por supuesto, esenciales para cualquier negocio y para que sus operaciones puedan hacer dinero es imperativo mantener a ellos contentos. El Mantenimiento de las áreas importantes para su cliente es clave del éxito, para esto Synchro te ofrece la capacidad de mantener su cliente sobre el estatus de los pedidos, y por supuesto el rendimiento de los tiempos de entrega.

  •  Foundation For Future Modules

    On Demand Demo - #1 Foundation For Future Modules

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    This is the first in a multitude of specific quick mini on-demand overview demonstrations on the functionality of the software modules.

    This demonstration is designed to be a primer on what it is all about and sets the foundation for future modules.

  • Demostración del módulo de Control de Herramentale

    Demostración del módulo de Control de Herramentale

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    Esta es una visión general del módulo de Control de Herramentales.

    Herramentales en la Industria metalúrgica se refiere a moldes, cajas de Corazones, modelos de investment, etc. En general, una herramienta dentro del software es reutilizable y se utiliza en la fabricación de piezas de fundición. Póngase en contacto con una persona de apoyo para obtener información adicional sobre la mejor manera de configurar Herramentales. Gracias por su atención

  • Sarginsons Industries Ltd

    Another SYNCHRO ERP Client Making Head Line News

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    Left to right is David Hayden from Sarginson’s Industries, Tim Squires from Squires Gear Engineering and Saif Arif; each company supported Saif with a final year project.

  • August 2016

    Shane's Blog - August 2016

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    What a Wonderful World!

    Howdy from East Texas. Daniel Alcântara, our Training and Implementation Manager based out of the Brazilian office, were just discussing something and he mentioned “What a Wonderful World”. Now, I can’t get the most outstanding song by the legend Louis Armstrong out of my mind. So, that’s how the title of this BLOG came to be.

  •  Equipment Maintenance Management

    WEBINAR - Equipment Maintenance Management Module (Concluded)

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    The Equipment Maintenance Management Module (EMMM) has undergone a recent update. This window enables the setting up of a specific calendar for the Equipment Maintenance and is setup in the same fashion as the Company or Process calendars. If a calendar is defined when planning the next maintenance dates SYNCHRO will push the date forward until a working date is reached. If no Maintenance calendar exists, the default system calendar will be used instead.

    If you currently use the Equipment Maintenance Management Module. - you will benefit from the development.

    If you do not currently use the module, this is an opportunity to have a one on one demonstration

    ...and remember this module has no purchase costs, it is free with the All Inclusive Module Suite



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    Howdy from sweltering Texas, I was honored to represent Team SYNCHRO ERP at the AFS Texas Board of Directors planning meeting in the former oil capitol of Texas, Kilgore. The surrounding area still has many oil derricks as displays of the heritage and even the road side park uses mini oil derricks for picnic table shelters.

  • ruby

    On Demand Demo - Ruby For All Users

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    RUBY is a re designed interface only.

    For All Users detailing setup and how to use

    Free to all users.

    A new "Ruby" edition of the software has been released that is "Future Proof"

    Dead line to move to SYNCHRO ERP Ruby is 1st August '16


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