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    Welcome back to another blog everyone…

    This time of year is always great, a natural trend is for Foundries to start looking into Modules they don’t currently utilize, lots of appointments are made for onsite visits and training, and the Team SWG group I belong to starts a full season of charity events and comic-con appearances, and what better way to start the year of by not one, but TWO appearances in support of our sponsors.

  • Iron Man & Iron Patriot at Alliant Castings

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    Tom Renk of Alliant Castings shared these great pictures with us from when they participated in a local special Olympics event last month.

  • Jean-Marie's drive in South Africa!

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    Following from my colleague Dan’s drive in the snow, here was mine at the weekend just out for a drive a couple of hours away from home…

  • SAIF Awards Ceremony

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    We would like to say a huge congratulations to our very own Jean-Marie Darchicourt & Max Morgan on receiving their awards at the SAIF award ceremony 2018.

  • When everything turns white!

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    As most people know Brazil is famous for its pleasant weather, we usually have temperatures between 12C (54F) and 30C (85F) all year round. As a result, my experience with snow and all the troubles that snow can bring is virtually none or almost that as I always travel to North America during the winter. However, this time was different.

  • What I wanted to be when I grow up ...

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    Jon Mapp

    Year 32

    My childhood was not easy for me...

  • An Unusual ‘’Pet’’

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    I was lucky enough to spend the first 8 years of my life in East Africa.

    We had a big garden to run around in, no television or a phone!

  • The Three Amigos & Me!

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    Yesterday was a rare morning for some of us Synchro staff!

  • Roston Casting Visit

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    Simon Adlington & Lee Mahon had a great day at Roston Castings yesterday ..

    They provided on site training and really enjoyed having a look around the foundry.

    Thank you to Pam and Mandy.

  • Changing of the guard

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    Over the past few months I have visited several long term customers where the businesses have been handed down to the next generation (both men and women) and with that has come a renewed desire to utilize their systems as fully as possible.


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